Where We Work

We are located in a fishing village on Kolunga Beach, Rusinga Island, West Kenya, on the shores of Lake Victoria which is shared by Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. The organization is a community asset, operated by the Board of Directors and community leaders with extraordinary local and foreign volunteers.

The Trust partners with charitable organizations and businesses to develop self-sustaining programs to help conquer extreme poverty in the community. Most residents of Rusinga make their living from subsistence agriculture, mainly maize and millet, as well as fishing. The native tilapia fish is still caught, though this species – like all others native to the lake – has been decimated by the voracious Nile perch fish that was introduced into the lake in 1954.

Rusinga Island population: approx. 25,000
Kolunga Beach Village population: approx. 6000 (fluctuates with fishing conditions in the region)