Volunteerism - Current Peace Corps Volunteer

Hello Everyone!

My name is Filimon and I am from Seattle WA. Currently I am a Public Health Peace Corps Volunteer working with Rusinga Island Trust. 

Rusinga is a beautiful island, I am so lucky to have been placed here. Rusinga Island Trust does so much work in the community. All of our staff are very welcoming and hard working. Its a honor to be a part of this organization. 

If you are looking for a place to volunteer, it won't get better than Rusinga island. Community members speak fluent english and love interacting with visitors.

There is so much volunteers can do here  on Rusinga like; volunteer with the local schools, beach community, our dispensary, our nursery school and work closely with the fishermen, different support groups, youth and women group. 

Karibuni Sana - welcom all


U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Public Health